SMALLER ENTERPRISES - In an International Context

ISK 2.900

Considerations, information and recommendations contained in this book aim at the enhancement of doing business of SMEs and Crafts by reforms of national institutions in 182 Countries as monitored by the World Bank and IFC, the identification of future business opportunities for Smaller Enterprises by inclusive sustainable production and trading capacity building and actions by upgrading SME development plans in less developed economies on initiatives of Governments, International Organization (United Nations, European Union), SMEs Supporting NGOs, Chambers of Commerce and other decision makers.

Dr. Gian Franco Terenzi, former head of State of the Republic of San Marino and President of WUSME World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises wrote in his foreword:
“I sincerely welcome that the Author, who served more than 40 years for SMEs supporting institutions and economic universities on national and international level, undertook the difficult task to summarize the most complex interlinks between smaller enterprises and the economic and social development in an international context. Students of economics and business administration will find here the basics of the role of entrepreneurship for economic growth and employment, the owners of SMEs will take advantage of the comprehensive information about better access to finance by specialized banks and international organizations and of new emerging business opportunities, and policy decision makers may wish to consider recommendations for the improvement of national institutions that make it easier to enhance SME development and to prevent financial crises.
I wish this publication much success.”